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I am 51 years old and over the last 5 years, I haven't taken my health as serious as I should. I have had some personal as well as some serious knee challenges that have affected my ability to stay in shape. I called Julie to help me with an individual health plan and give me the motivation to get past my health challenges. In 5 weeks I lost 7 inches and can see and feel a tremendous difference. I can do man push ups, run up and down the stairs, burpees, a hand stand and so much more. Julie has taken the time to understand my body and what it is capable of, she has pushed me to do things I would have never imagined at this point in my life. Her guidance has proven to be exactly what I needed and even though I am due to have both knees replaced soon, I now know, there isn't much I cant overcome. I owe this all to Julie and her abilities to push me to go farther. I never would have gotten where I am without Julie.  Her in home training gets RESULTS! -Cathlin

Training with Julie is very fun and has been really effective for me!  I love the variety she provides in my work outs.  Julie has such an upbeat attitude and is really conscientious of my goals and encouraging, too.  I also like that she is constantly educating herself and evaluating what is best for each client, love her! -Lori


Julie has really got me doing exercises that have not only slimmed me down but have totally changed my body!  I was having a hard time leaning out a few trouble spots on my body, but Julie new the right exercises I needed to achieve my goals!  Julie knows how to get results and makes exercising fun! -Tamara


I have officially lost all 35 of the pounds I gained during pregnancy... but not without the help of my awesome personal trainer, Julie Wilson (best birthday gift ever)! If any of my Denver friends are looking to get fit, she is inspirational (so much so that I am now trying to lose an additional 10 lb. and really get into better shape)! -Sarah





Last year, my wife Cleone and I retained Julie to be our personal fitness trainer. Best decision we ever made! Thanks to Julie's outstanding combination of people skills and technical skills, she has exceeded our highest expectations. When we started, we were not exercising and at best, considered ourselves to be in average physical condition for our age of 67. And we hated exercise! Little did we know how far she would take us in just a year and a few months! We also realized how much we now look forward to Julie's fitness visits twice per week. She is an active motivator with an uncanny sense of how many more repetitions I can do when I think I can't do another!


She has focused on both cardio and strength training. We both look and feel much better, sleep better adn have more energy. So we feel up to doing much more nw that we are far more physically fit than we were when Julie started working with us. We have not only lost weight; we have gained muscle mass, endurance, stamina, energy adn greater range of motion. Our vitals have significantly improved and so is our quality of life. Julie has kept hte sessions varied and interesteing. She has also effectively worked around any physical limitations we both have medically, a testament ot how resourceful she is. And while we've sometimes experienced muscle soreness the next day, we have not suffered any injuries from any training sessions which have become quite intense. I attribute that to Julie's keen observation about proper form as she guides us through each session. 


At my age, I'm fussy and no easily impressed abou much of anything. But I am very impressed with our results and therefore with julie based on how far she has brought Cleone and myself in a little more than a year.

-Gary and Cleone



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