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Weights? Plyometrics? Yoga?  Lose weight? Gain muscle?

Each individualized session is geared toward your unique fitness abilities and goals.  You will be pushed increasingly each workout while gaining strength and stamina each time.  I incorporate intense cardio intervals when exercising which is a great tool for fat loss in which you quickly bring your heart rate up and then let it recover.  Jump off your fitness pleateau into the world of results.  You might not be an expert today, but you can train to be one in the near future!




Whether you want to gain muscle and definition, shed the pounds, or just get in better health, it all can be done through proper conditioning and nutrition.  Nutritional counseling is also available through Be N Shape.  Incorporating a healthy lifestyle in all aspects is a must. You will be exceeding your goals, feel more energy, and enjoy your sessions if you put the work into it!





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